The Observer

Real-time 3D Art • Personal • 2022

HINT: Pause the animation and zoom all the way into the eyeball, through the iris.

NAVIGATION TIPS: Desktop: scroll to zoom; right-click to pan; click and drag to rotate. Double-click (or tap, on Mobile) anywhere on the model to center that part and rotate around or zoom into it.

Personal avatar / icon, 2022

Concept & design, 3D modeling & sculpture, hand-painted textures

ZBrush, Blender, RizomUV, Sketchfab, Procreate

I enjoy Easter eggs and firmly believe there should be a treasure chest behind every waterfall. Or as the case may be, a miniscule astronomer-witch inside a cosmic bubble chamber within every black-hole-hat-wearing eyeball.

I also love that in digital 3D, it’s possible to make impossible, explorable things and exploit scale in a way that’d be unfeasible in other mediums, as well as models that look like 2D paintings or drawings.

Illustration on a yellow background: a floating eyeball with black eyelashes wearing a funnel shaped black hole hat with orbiting stars.

Concept, sketched in Procreate.
The final 3D artwork was also hand-painted in Procreate.

The witch and the moon

Art on a yellow background: a black circle with a white spider web on it, orbited by stars.

Cosmic web

WIP 3D sculpts of a witch gazing through a telescope.


© Olena Shmahalo