Neutrino Archery: MINERvA

Editorial Science Illustration • Symmetry Magazine • 2023
Illustration: an archer shooting a ghostly, neon-green arrow through a central sphere, revealing a proton's interior — 3 quarks. The arrowhead is shaped like the symbol for neutrinos, the Greek letter ν (nu). All on a blue-grey, abstract background with dark rays shooting out from the center.

Symmetry Magazine / Sandbox Studio, 2023. Thanks to AD Michael Branigan.

Concepts, illustration

Procreate, Clip Studio Paint

An exceptional archer reveals a proton particle's secrets using ghostly neutrino arrows.

For a Symmetry Magazine article about new research from MINERvA — a particle physics experiment at Fermilab that's "found a novel way to see and understand proton structure" via a neutrino-scattering technique: A new way to explore proton’s structure with neutrinos yields first results.

Concept sketches depicting various ideas to illustrate the MINERvA research: neutrinos being fired at a proton to reveal its core.

Concept sketches

Screenshot of an article about the MINVERvA neutrino findings on

Screenshot of the article on with another one of my artworks in the row below: cosmic neutrinos.

© Olena Shmahalo