The Lawnmower Man

Editorial Sci-Fi Illustration • Inverse • 2022
Illustration: a silhouetted man with hand outstretched toward a flaming lawnmower.

Inverse Magazine, 2022. Thanks to Jake Kleinman and Claire Cameron.

Concepts, illustration

Procreate, Clip Studio Paint

For an article on Inverse: The Oral History of The Lawnmower Man.

Shocking though this may be, lawnmowers hadn’t been on my wishlist of subjects to illustrate(*). And yet! I came up with a few other concepts sans gardening machinery, but I thought this one would be fun and I'm glad the editor agreed. I love that about commissioned work: getting to learn about topics and developing ideas I wouldn't have reached on my own.

* Though actually I love mechs, robots, spaceships, sci-fi contraptions, steampunk, etc. My comfort zone has long been organic forms, but I’d like to eventually rectify the lack of these things in my portfolio.

Concept sketches for the Lawnmower Man article


Screenshot of the Lawnmower Man article on Inverse

Screenshot of the art on in 2022

© Olena Shmahalo