Expander Graphs

3D Editorial / Math Art • Quanta Magazine • 2021
3D art: salmon-colored pages, like books glued together, dramatically-lit.

Quanta Magazine, 2021. Reuse prohibited.

Art direction, concept, 3D illustration

Cinema 4D, Redshift

A 3D illustration with cinematic lighting for a Quanta Magazine article about graph theory, by Mordechai Rorvig: Researchers Defeat Randomness to Create Ideal Code.

Artistic interpretation of a new kind of graph formed like "a richly interconnected web of booklets". I modeled the structure (called a "left-right Cayley complex") and created a custom texture for the front light to give it a warm edge for a dramatic, sunrise-like feel.

3D model, unrendered. Pages, like books glued together.

The setup, behind the scenes

© Olena Shmahalo