Dark Photons

Editorial Science Illustration • Symmetry Magazine • 2022
Painting of small figures carrying spheres through a portal, representing photons. As they cross the threshold, the characters and spheres turn from dark to light.

Symmetry Magazine / Sandbox Studio, 2022. Thanks to AD Michael Branigan.

Concepts, illustration

Procreate, Clip Studio Paint

Dark photons turning light as they’re brought through a portal — "a rare hypothetical process that establishes a connection between ordinary and so-called dark particles.” For a Symmetry article by Katrina Miller: LHCb ramps up the search for dark photons.

Concept sketches of photons traversing portals

Concept sketches. I'd still like to realize some of these.

Screenshot of the article on symmetrymagazine.org: LHCb ramps up the search for dark photons.

© Olena Shmahalo